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 The following procedure of franchise takes place in Taiwan. In other areas, ways of co-operation may be different.
* Franchise Consultation
* Visiting model stores
* Given franchise presentation
* Register our franchise
* Future store location targeting
* Area assessment
* Sign franchise contract
* Overall plan set up
* Franchise training courses
Future store interior design and construct
* Evaluation
Marketing planning
* End up training
* Advertising and flyer printing
* Equipment set up and trial run
* Warm up for opening
* Grand opening
* Operation consulting and auditing
Standard Store
Standard Store
  • Normally range from 44-66 meter squares (15-20 ping).
  • Standard store is the basic type of our stores.
Flagship Store
Flagship Store
  • Normally range from 66-132 meter squares (20-40 ping).
  • Shop on the street corner is usually a flagship store, and it is the deluxe type of our stores.
Mini Store
Mall Store
  • Normally range from 9-26 meter squares (3-8 ping) and located inside the department store or shopping centers.
  • An exquisitely designed type of store.
  • Being enthusiastic, confident, hospitable, and ambitious. Aging above twenty two and both gender are welcome.
  • Minimum high school degree. No experience required. Being trustworthy and good credit required.
  • Persons who join our franchise must devote oneself in the full-time business with focus on the product quality. Your application may be declined if you’re not ready to seriously give in.
  • Keep pursuing for self-growth and breaking through. Modest learning attitude.
  • Admire our business compliance and agree with our franchise system.
  • Willing to comply with the franchise norm.
  • For any franchise, we accept application from a company.
  • Store location assessment and marketing research.
  • Comprehensive training courses.
  • Transferring business strategy and technical know-how.
  • Providing complete plan for business facilities and maintenance support.
  • Complete brand identity and visual design.
  • Providing marketing and promotion plans.
  • Logistics system for ingredient supplement.
  • Professional supervisor guidance and audits occasionally.
  • Developing new products and do promotions for enhancing market competitiveness.