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Tea up, Light up

Making tea a global and fashionable choice of drink,
and infusing tea culture into people’s life.
To inspire life and brightens mind, through the art of tea.
Gong cha vows to inspire people in everyday’s life.


Great Tea, from Taiwan to the World

“Gong cha” in Chinese means to offer the best tea to the Emperor from all possessions. It represents the highest quality and self-expectation.
Established in 2006, Gong cha has been appreciated by its customers, relying on good words of mouth and unique customized services originated in Taiwan.
From then on, the story of Gong cha has widely spread, and Gong cha has become one of the best-known quality tea providers in the world. Nowadays, Gong cha has blossomed in nearly 20 countries, towards 1500 outlets around the world.


House Special - Gong cha Milk Foam Series

Inspired by the milk foam on coffee latte, the signature drink of Gong cha, the Milk Foam Series, was invented after a-year-long development, to ensure the mouth-watering, sweet and savory taste goes well with freshly brewed tea.
The rich milky cream blends perfectly with the elegant tea aroma, to create the ultimate taste experience.
Try the best seller in Gong cha, enjoy the tea aroma, milky fragrance and milk-tea flavor at the same time.