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To inspire life and brightens mind,
through the art of tea.

Brand Mind

Tea is the flow of time. Tea is a wordless conversation.
Tea is a fountain of inspiration, transforming each day into a leisurely journey of taste.
Tea is life. It craves contemplation. It's worth savoring.

Brand Spirit

Tea, Companion, Art, Taste and Moment meld to form the essence of Gong cha and shape the world's culture of tea.

Made from only selected ingredients.

Our employees and our beloved customers are the purposes behind our tea.

Our exquisite tea-making process.

Presenting quality drinks that satisfy the five senses.

The brilliant and joyful moments that arise when savoring tea.


Awaken your senses with the fragrance of tea. Let its poetry permeate your life.
Anything is possible, in a life enriched and empowered by tea.
Gong cha beckons to all lovers of tea.
Tea captivates our hearts, and invites us on an inspirational journey.

Because of Gong cha…
Every day, the streets and alleys are filled with the aromas of tea from around the world.
Every moment, inspiration blooms and flows freely from tea's enchantment.